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At Bangor Minibus, our priority is to satisfy every customers’ transportation needs. Using our vast selection of coaches and minibuses, you are assured of comfort and safety throughout your trip to any of the tourist attractions in Bangor. Having been ranked as one of the best minibus and coach hire companies in Bangor, our aim is to maintain this position by providing the top-notch transportation services to our clients. We have vehicles that accommodate both small and large groups of people as discussed below:

Vehicles Used by Bangor Minibus

Iveco 16-Seater Minibus Standard

The vehicle features different lengths and configurations to accommodate 16-22 passengers. It also has two types of doors and unique seat layouts for additional comfort during the journey. The reclining seats allow you to have adequate rest before reaching your destination while built-in satellite navigation ensures safety throughout the journey. With the Iveco 16-Seater Minibus Standard, passengers can request our staff to customise the seats and other features to fit their transportation needs without compromising on comfort and passenger capacity. For example, customers carrying lots of luggage may request for a trailer, which is usually affixed to the vehicle to carry the extra luggage to your hotel or other destination. If you are the kind that loves reading while travelling, the LED lights come in handy as they are lit when it turns dark. The vehicle also features an air-conditioning system that helps regulate the temperature while travelling. As such, if you are travelling during the UK’s extremely cold season, the system adjusts to keep the vehicle warm and vice versa.

12-16 Seater Ford Transit Minibus Standard

The model is ideal for a relatively small group looking to travel in style and comfort. It configures the passenger wagon and transit cargo in one vehicle. Designed for flexibility and capability, the Ford Transit minibus not features quality but also offers Ford’s proprietary build (Ford Tough Standards) that allow the vehicle to go for long distances without causing fatigue. Additionally, having gone through rigorous testing on different kinds of roads, Bangor Minibus Ford Transit Minibus is sturdy and dependable for any kind of jaunt you are planning. It has three roof heights- the low roof height of 83,’’ medium height of 100’’ and a high roof of over 110’’ that provide additional space for those carrying lots of luggage. And, if you are travelling with kids, you don’t have to worry when it begins to get dark as the vehicle features automatic headlights that use sensors to detect changes in light conditions. The passenger seats have a four-way adjustment system that allows you and your kids to rest up throughout the journey without getting tired. Its electronic stability control feature allows passengers to monitor the progress of their vehicle while traction control system displays the behaviour of the vehicle while driving.

Mercedes 8 and 16 Seaters Executive   

This unblemished Mercedes model is ideal for hen and stag night outs, a weekend getaway, a day’s excursion or a family trip. The vehicle is tailored to provide the benefits of large boots, making it perfect for all kinds of occasions while giving you comfort and luxury while travelling. The interior is fully air-conditioned, hence you and your friends don’t have to worry about the season of the year or time of the day you are travelling. At Bangor Minibus, we ensure our minibuses are cleaned after every tour for high-quality transportation services. The beauty of the Mercedes 8 and 16 seater minibuses at Bangor Minibus hire is the built-in refrigerator that allows you to store drink and beverages, as well as the active WiFi system that allows you to surf while travelling. The vehicle’s panoramic view will help keep your kids entertained as they enjoy sightseeing while travelling. Its seats are designed to bring out a luxurious look; as a result, they come fitted with plush leather covering and seat belts for the safety of all passengers. Its onboard entertainment, which features a DVD system, should keep you entertained throughout the journey and if you are carrying lots of luggage, the storage compartment of this vehicle allows you to store up to 16 suitcases.

Renault 16-Seater Standard

Bangor Minibus hire for the Renault 16 Seater Standard is light, spacious and airy, providing a cosy feel to travel in small groups. While it is a standard ride, it has all the features of a high-end vehicle. To begin with, it has a low entrance step that allows passengers to board easily, especially if the travellers include disabled people. Secondly, it has an air conditioning system that provides a comfortable ride regardless of the weather in Bangor. All its seats come fitted with diagonal seat belts and a three-point lap for additional safety and comfort during the journey while the large luggage capacity takes a copious amount of suitcases. Its windows are tinted to enhance safety while providing panoramic views of the beautiful attractions in Bangor. For additional comfort, our minibuses come fitted with reclining seats to allow you to comfortably sleep during the trip. The sunroof also allows you to get the best view of Bangor’s attractions while the lane departure warning enhances safety as it alerts you when the driver departs from the required lane.

Volkswagen Crafter 16-Seater Standard

The vehicle features the proprietary German build that ensures quality, safety and comfort. To begin with, the Volkswagen Crafter 16 Seater Standard features an electronic stabilisation program (ESP) that combines an anti-locking braking system and a traction control system, as well as an electronic brake force distribution to enhance your safety. And, with the regular maintenance checks of all Bangor Minibus vehicles, you can rest assured that all these features work effectively. This well-thought-out and flexile interior has become a favourite to a lot of passengers as it features a redesigned high roof, refrigerator and flexible working area. Its front grille enhances the vehicle’s appearance, making it ideal for corporate meetings, airport transfers and family tours. The new models also feature a kitchen space that is fitted with a twin-hob cooker if you are planning to hire the vehicle for a week-long road trip. While the Volkswagen Crafter 16 Seater Standard come in different sizes and shapes, Bangor Minibus’ models come fitted with storage compartments that accommodate up to 2.9 tonnes of cargo with close to four meters in length. It also has screened-off living areas that provide lots of space for movement, especially if you are travelling with kids. The large dimensions allow space for a shower and a washroom for additional comfort.



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