Minibus and Coach Hire Prices

We offer pretty reasonable rates for both minibus and coach hire prices whether you are hiring the vehicles for a birthday party, day trip, camping, or a hen and stag party. With over two decades in business, we understand that minibus and coach hire prices fluctuate throughout the year like any other consumer product that undergoes changes in demand and supply. Of course, during peak seasons the cost of hiring the vehicles can be pretty high. For example, if you are hiring a coach, the cost may seem a little high compared to contracting a minibus; you should keep in mind that a coach is high capacity vehicle so if the cost is split among the passengers, the actual price of Bangor Minibus hire is pretty reasonable.

Several factors come in handy when determining minibus and coach hire prices. Firstly, the type of vehicle you hire makes the greatest component on determining the price charged. For example, the amount of fuel consumed by a 49-seater coach is not the same as that required by an 8-seater minibus. Our vast selection of vehicles should help you choose a vehicle that suits your transportation needs while keeping the costs reasonable. The seasonal demand is another factor that affects the price charged. The minibus and coach hire industry is often affected by seasonality just like the tourism industry. As a result, the prices of hiring a minibus or a coach differ considerably between the winter season and the busy summer period. At Bangor Minibus, we also consider the characteristics of trip you intend to take when charging the price. It comprises the distance you will be travelling, as well as the timing of the journey. The timing of the trip is important because when you hire a minibus or a coach, you will also hire a driver unless you already have one designated. The UK is known for its strict rules when it comes to driving hours. Based on the length of the trip, you may need to hire two drivers so as to respect their resting and driving times. Additionally, you also need to arrange for their accommodation unless it is a day’s trip. All such factors come into play when charging minibus and coach hire prices. Luckily, Bangor Minibus has more than two decades of experience, hence are well-versed with all the activities that come with this business. It allows us to provide the most reasonable rates for minibus and coach hire services.


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